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Department of Treasury

Project: Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS)


Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS) was designed to support critical U.S. Department of Treasury programs where there is a need for technical expertise, high quality staffing, seasoned experience, and the highest probability of success. The TIPSS contract was brought about to provide information systems, engineering, telecommunications and security services to help the IRS move from a mainframe/paper-based systems, to new distributed workstations and TIPSS was also established as a vehicle to simplify acquisitions, seek IT services competitively, and allow the bureaus to access a wide rage of quality IT services.


Under the TIPSS contract, the Matrix Systems worked a subcontractor to help establish and support the building of a test lab to mimic the IRS’s Legacy production environment for the Legacy Tax Processing method. The Test labs MS&T supported were set up in New Carrolton, Maryland (The New Carrolton Maryland systems ranged from PC to Unix server) where New Carrolton acted as the input system in which it produces the physical paperwork. The information then is routed to Memphis, Tennessee (Unisys) for repair and/or rejections, finally over to Martinsburg, West Virginia (an IBM Mainframe posting and analysis system) for backend processing to determine what US taxpayers owe, or what their refund will be. The data is then sent to the output system which uses the data from Martinsburg to help support the tax examiners/auditors so they can further communicate with U.S. tax payers.

MS&T produced a comprehensive test program that supports the full test life cycle in support of multiple platforms. Our team worked alongside the system engineers during the requirements and development phase to ensure that the requirements were quantifiable and testable. The requirements were then analyzed to develop test cases and procedures to support functional validation. At the conclusion of the test execution activities, MS&T worked to produce a comprehensive test results report.


Matrix Systems has been on the TIPSS contract since 1999 providing configuration management planning, change control planning, and testing of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s’ legacy “Masterfile” (IMF) system in continuous support of maintaining access, and security on one of the worlds largest and sensitive information systems. MS&T Inc.’s employees, and test teams oversaw by MS&T employees won tremendous respect and credibility on this contract by providing Y2K solutions and problem solving skills to the Internal Revenue Service.