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Project: Enterprise Resource Planning System Engagement

Critical activities identified for this project included, but were not limited to:

  • Define an application classification model for classifying applications into different categories based on a specific set of criteria
  • Define support requirements for each application category 
  • Create a complete inventory of the organization’s applications, including unsupported “shadow” applications across different areas in the organization 
  • Define a baseline for IT support and service requirements based on the application classification model
  • Assess gaps between current support and baseline support; define an action plan to close the gaps
  • Extend the application portfolio to map to business processes, thereby setting a framework for business process architecture


  • Completed an inventory of all the applications.
  • Cataloged the purpose and functionality of each application
  • Cataloged all the customizations that were been done
  • Cataloged the users.
  • Created and defined an application Matrix.
  • Identified overlaps or redundancy in applications.
  • Eliminated redundant or unnecessary applications.
  • Developed a road map to identify each applications path.
  • Prepared a cost/benefit analysis
  • Developed a strategic Enterprise Architecture Plan.