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Maryland Dept. of IT

Project: Maryland CCU

Matrix Systems & Technologies, Inc. was awarded the CATS II Task Order Contract for Systems Design Architecture in support of Maryland’s Centralized Collection Unit (CCU). The CCU’s primary IT system was implemented over 20 years ago, as a result several risks have been identified that are driving the replacement of the legacy system and therefore, the goal of the CCU Systems Modernization project is to improve the operational efficiency through the use of Information Technology (IT).


Matrix Systems & Technologies, Inc. applied its expertise in tax systems, financial systems modernization, data warehouse, and business intelligence in support of the following efforts of the CCU:

  • Development of a web application with workflow and approval cycles
  • Implementation of a web portal / dashboard to review account status, reports, and metrics
  • Development of an interface between the existing telephony, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Implementation of a digital imaging archiving system * Improvement of the interface architecture
    • Consolidation and integration of several desktop databases and spreadsheets used to augment the legacy application
    • Modification of the satellite facilities to accommodate system changes
    • Delivery of a fully integrated solution with single sign-on capabilities, hierarchical user level security, and extensive audit and history logging capability.

More specifically Matrix Systems & Technologies, Inc. supported the CCU’s Modernization by developing:

  • Architecture Requirements that included usability, performance, reliability, design, implementation, interface, and physical requirements.
  • Conceptual Architecture Diagrams that depicted high-level organizing structure of the system identifies architectural components and their responsibilities and relationships.
  • Logical Architecture documents that provided a definition of the application architecture, at a logical level, including both the business subsystems, with dependencies, and the distribution strategy for the business subsystems.
  • Likewise, Matrix Systems & Technologies, Inc. assisted in the Procurement, Design, Integration, Test and Implementation phases of the CCU’s Modernization.