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Staff Augmentation

Matrix Systems & Technologies Inc. 

Making Technology your Solution


Matrix Systems and Technologies, Inc. (Matrix) is an information technology solutions provider. We focus on addressing the staffing needs of our clients by quickly delivering highly qualified, competent resources who can hit the ground running which will aid our clients in reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency for both long-term and short-term projects. 

 Targeted Staff Augmentation 

 Matrix recognizes the challenge many organizations face with a shortage of highly-skilled technical workers in its local labor pool. The demand for professional services consultants and tech specialist is growing faster than the supply, and many organizations are having a difficult time attracting the right talent locally to meet its business goals. 

Matrix’s response to this problem is simple – Targeted Staff Augmentation. Targeted Staff Augmentation is our key brand strategy that provides your organization a connection with certified professional service consultants, engineers and highly-skilled technicians that will be cultivated within your organizations’ business structure. Matrix understands your organizational and business needs, so we will quickly equip you with the best staff in the industry, primed to help you achieve your project goals. 

Our Targeted Staff Augmentation strategy is practical, rapid, and extremely efficient and has been tested as a contractor in the government and many commercial sectors. Matrix identifies the roles and responsibilities of each labor category for the needed staff utilizing our clients’ skill requirements as the foundation of our selection process. We put forth a tremendous effort in meticulously identifying, recruiting, on-boarding, and training superior technical talent. 

Matrix Targeted Staff Augmentation will provide skilled technical resources to your organization and guarantee the best technology results. These resources are put through our rigorous recruiting process as we hand pick the industry’s most seasoned, certified experts to solve for and handle your most complex IT needs. Our Targeted Staff Augmentation makes good business sense because it allows your organization to fill-in “specialized skill gaps” and engage top-level professionals for individual projects without having to incur the costs of hiring new full-time employees.